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Excellent alternative to Google Scholar for those authors who have a profile. Please do not feel obliged to support us financially; we developed Publish or Perish to help academics across the world obtain better and free access to academic data sources and will remain to do so. Version 6 presents full query report The other major new feature in Publish or Perish version 6 is the introduction of a full query report. Work Identification Systems Reach: It uses a variety of data sources incl.

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The major change for Publish or Perish version 6 is the substantial expansion of data sources.

PrintFolder Generate the contents list for any given folder. Social Sciences and Humanities and has a very limited coverage of books, book chapters and conference papers. Harrzing also reduces the effect of career length and provides a fairer comparison between junior and senior researchers. However, searches can be slow and it does have its flawsso do explore the alternative data sources.

Publish or Perish on OS X

Access courtesy of Microsoft Academic. Cleaning the list is a first priority, to ensure that you are capturing only works by the person that you want. How to set up your Google Scholar profile Slideshare Publish or Perish PoP Publish or Perish is a free software program which uses Google Scholar citation data to calculate the impact metrics including h-index and others.

Check that your computer meets the following minimum system requirements: You will want to do some cleanup, and I suggest adding in a field that indicates this info came from HPoP. The smaller panel above the main window shows a range of citations statistics, of which the key ones are.

Anne-Wil Harzing has also produced The Punlish or Perish Book which provides a lot more detailed guidance on how to use her software, and how to undertake citations analysis in a professional way.

Compiling the listing will take one or publissh minutes at most and usually less than 10 seconds. A second clean-up task is called stacking or merging.

Publish or Perish version 6

Beware of Categorisation Problems Support Publish or Perish The development of the Publish or Perish software is a volunteering effort that has been ongoing since A commercially supported OS X port of Wine.

No need for a subscription key "Forgiving" search syntax Usually provides the largest number of publications and citations Search speed medium for single search with limited number of results. In common with the hI,norm index, it removes to a considerable extent any discipline-specific publication and citation patterns that otherwise distort the h-index. If you are using the Publish or Perish software in one of your research articles or otherwise want to refer to it, please use the following format:.

In addition to the various simple statistics number of papers, number of citations, and othersPublish or Perish calculates the following citation metrics see Citation metrics in the online help file for more details:. To simplify record keeping of data queries, Publish or Perish can generate a comprehensive query report in a single command. Google Scholar as a source for citation information differs significantly from scientific citation databases.

PoP's only data source until PoP 5 was launched in October and still many users' favourite because of its comprehensive coverage.

Publish or Perish version 6

The Word lists may initially look a bit jumbled. However, you can install and run the Publish or Perish software on an Intel-based OS X system with the aid of one of the following:. If an academic shows weak citation metricsthis may be caused by harzinng lack of impact on the field, but also by one or more of the following: Windows 10 update.

Publish or Perish mines all Google Scholar data and will present data on any publih — not only those with public Google Scholar profile. Yarzing using Publish or Perish for citation analyses, we would like to suggest the following general rule of thumb: The search terms and other query parameters Data retrieval information: Today, just over 11 years later, we are proud to introduce its latest incarnation, prosaically called Version 6 or PoP6.

The program installs onto your PC.

The e-index is the square root of the surplus of citations in the h-set beyond h 2i. Campiteli, Osame Kinouchi, and Alexandre S. The first lines of code for the Publish or Publisn software were written in October Publish or Perish is a real Swiss army knife.

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