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With two thumbs already engaged in the shooting, it's not especially easy, either. It's frustrating, because there's much to enjoy in the early levels. Plain ol' heavy There are two ways of doing this. I did notice some lag in the graphics on my 3G, but in the game settings menu you can select either the "speed" graphics setting or the "quality" setting. While Heavy Gunner shows much promise, it needs a little tuning up before it can offer up any kind of meaningful defense.

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The touch controls offer an alternative in which touching and dragging a finger out from the middle of the screen moves your view. Points won from successful stages can be spent on weapons upgrades. In my opinion, it was made for those who like to stand up while they play their iPhone games, so free yourself from your seat and have at it! After you beat each level, you get point to upgrade your weapons or hewvy buy new ones.

Note that if the developer provides the product or not, this does not impact the review or score. I quickly realized that once you buy your second gun, you can swap between the two while you are reloading. While Heavy Gunner shows much promise, it needs a little tuning up before it can offer up any kind of meaningful defense.

With aliens heading towards you at all angles, any gunnef of delay whatsoever simply isn't acceptable. Heavy Gunner 3D Stifled by tricky controls, Heavy Gunner is visually striking but too repetitive to live up to its epic billing. I found myself in control of a turret with two buttons, left gun and right gun.

The story line is a basic, aliens invade the Earth fare, but the game really boils down to a fighting in battles that closely resemble the battle scene in the last Matrix sequel where the robots try to take over Zion with those angry flying things.

Once the enemy ships started coming at me, I quickly realized that I had to tilt my iPhone to aim and fire. There's little joy in defending the world from alien attack when merely aiming at your target feels like an ordeal.

With Heavy Gunner 3D, they have created a rather long RPG shooting game that puts you inside of a turret ship with a mission to blow stuff up, heaavy with short levels in abundance, you never feel tied to the game like you would in similar games. These help you boost firearms to deal with the ever-stiffening task of taking out inbound aliens, yet the incentive to accumulate points for such upgrades diminishes as the repetitiveness funner in.

The aiming mechanism seemed pretty tough at first, but the guns do a pretty good job of doing aim correction for you, particularly the big machine gun. Heavy Gunnertherefore, fumbles with control.

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I found myself very confused at the beginning because there is no tutorial or the standard first level that teaches you how to play. The strategy that you will find most important is smart weapon buying, because wasted money on weapons that you don't use really becomes a killer. The difficulty is kept at a reasonable level and the sense of heav that so grips stages later on has yet to materialise. If you want a heavy duty machine gun gunndr up with a missile launcher, just save up some money!

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Is anyone else worried that the fate of the Earth rests on the Maginot Line? There are three weapon classes, machine gun, optical, and missile, along with an EMP and a shield regenerator.

Similar to the tilt set-up, though, none of this is especially responsive or quick. Heavy Gunner pulls the trigger on non-stop shooting action, though a lack of quality control undermines the gameplay. With the tilt controls being the way they are you can change them to touch, but it doesn't work too wellI don't recommend playing in a public place, but in the comfort of your own home or office, Heavy Gunner 3D is quite fun.

Com2uS, creators of Homerun Battle 3D and the Inotia series, are really the masters of creating fairly complex games that seem like casual experiences.

Becoming an expert shot requires skill that comes through experience, but if your weapons isn't up to the task at hand you're sure to misfire. I made the mistake myself, so don't go on and make it too.

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It's frustrating, because guunner much to enjoy in the early levels. Pick your weapons wisely, and definitely keep in mind that the EMP and ghnner Shield Recharger take up a weapon slot.

There are two ways of doing this. After I changed over to the speed setting, the game ran perfectly. Your actions are restricted to two, fairly obvious, activities: Heavy Gunner has the feel of something epic and the impressive visuals only support that notion. Homerun Battle 3D, for all the cartoony graphics and lighthearted play, was a fairly deep baseball RPG with an extremely impressive multiplayer experience.

The levels quickly get difficult and I found that having a strategy helped tremendously.

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