Autumn in my heart

One of greatest miniseries regardless of country I have ever seen. Katy Tran Sep 13 Eventually, Eun-suh woke up, but is too weak to follow the treatment. We are now 8 yrs.

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She doesn't tell anyone except Tae-seok, who offers to pay for her treatment.

Asian Popular Culture in Transition. Retrieved 16 December The Poet Warrior Youth Ms.

This page was last edited on 24 Juneat The gaetbae ferry crosses a small waterway to the neighborhood from downtown Sokcho. However, the success of South Korean TV dramas in Egypt started with a drama, Autumn Storyhearh was a hit before the ministry's promotion campaign. There are better and there are worse.

I am still trembling after finishing watching the last episode.

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I hope they are together. AlZeaH Mar 16 1: I dont get bored to watch it again and again.

It may not be fair today, but there it is, and I cannot hexrt my feelings because they aren't politically correct! When she died, I felt so sad because this show pulled me in to their world so much that it felt like someone from my own family dying.

You're the real mother, right? Thongalore Dec 28 1: Joon-suh proposes to Eun-suh and they get married. Sharon Nov 23 I've ni a kdrama fan for years and this is the first time saw this drama Eun Suh's life took a complete turn when the 2 girls were returned to their respective families. The basic idea of babies switched at birth and then switched back plus the difference in Social status is interesting, but the rest is pretty routine.

Autumn in My Heart

Besides the fantastic acting and direction the musical soundtrack ih also memorable, particularly the song "Reason". Chanchan Wahengbam Jun 02 2: When her health deteriorates, the others begin finding out the extent of her condition.

The ending is pure tragedy, and I remember being very angry at the last few scenes of the drama. Dipta Nov 30 2: And still autymn my eyes out!

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One interesting side note. They always like to show a lot of suffering and crying. It was well within their means, they are soo damn rich why couldnt they all be one big miserable happy family?

WonBnFan Sep 04 Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. Smurfette Dec 12 9: Meanwhile, Jun-suh has become an artist and has a fiancee. Irene Jan 16 5: However, Joon-suh, dazed and grief-stricken by the death of his love, is struck by a truck in the same place as Eun-suh's accident during her teenage years. The two child actors were stellar.

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