God of a second chance

It is so easy to put our trust in something other than God. We see now why Jonah ran away in the first place. Used by permission of NavPress Publishing Group. Seize a second chance Jonah 1:

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Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time: Lord, forgive me for the times when I judge others sdcond the very things that I do myself. Lord, would you have mercy on us, the church in this country.

Then God destroyed it v. He was angry that they had repented.

After all the success of his evangelistic campaign, Jonah fell into another deep depression. God is not wishy-washy. When he hit rock bottom, from inside the fish Jonah prayed: This still happens today — some find it hard when really evil people repent and God forgives them. He recognised what we miss out on when we do not follow the Off.

God of the Second Chance

Though this promise is made to every Believer, only those who develop a real relationship with God will recognize His hand in its manifestation.

It is so easy to put our trust in something other than God. He was thrilled with it. Not only did God give Jonah vhance second chancehe also gave the city of Nineveh a second chance. Partnership Partnership Testimonials. He provided a plant to give him shade. Perhaps it was a failed marriage, a broken relationship, or a job loss.

It takes one to know one. When we take a tumble, God is the loving, doting parent Who picks us up, dusts us off, embraces us, and sets us back on our gos. Instead, he runs to Tarshish — to the Costa Brava in southwest Spain and not for a holiday! No matter how desperate or hopeless your situation may seem, it is never too late. The common denominator among these people is that they believed what God said He would do in their lives.

Like so many of us, the psalmist wants an opportunity to make a fresh start in life. He is a man who suffered from severe depression. A judgmental mind focuses on what is wrong with others, rather than on what is right.

There is no situation that God cannot rescue you from if you cry out to him. Affirmation gkd God brings hope back into anything that seems doomed. Skip to main content.

Grace for Daily Living. Life has a way of ambushing us when we least expect it.

He Is Not ‘The God of Second Chances’

We see now why Jonah ran away in the first place. Help, I'm Afraid to Give Pt. Jonah ends up in a mess. Help me to bring the good news of your love to others so that they too may turn back to your love.

Repentance is such a positive word in the New Testament.

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