Candles horror game

In addition to being a high quality hardcover print version of the game, the deluxe hardcover edition of Ten Candles will also include: Back at this updated level to receive a softcover copy of the rulebook, the PDF, the opportunity to write a module for publication in the rulebook, and to be featured in the artwork of Ten Candles for all time! As a part of this campaign I will also be releasing a limited edition hardcover version of the book that will only be printed through this Kickstarter project!

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My hope with these hardcover versions is to provide a special memento for those of you who want to be strong supporters of my first ever game fame.

My hope is that these spooky, bizarre, and terrifying tales will both entertain and inspire you.

Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. Avoid looking into any mirrors until the conclusion of the game.

Ten Candles is played by the light of ten tea light candles. With both the horroor and hardcover versions, I am looking to create a high quality and beautiful product. Candles has really nice graphics, with some lovely lighting effects. However, while there may be unexpected challenges or delays as there often are with Kickstarter projects, I pledge to be open and forthright with this information to keep you, as a project backer, in the loop as much as possible.

Dec 8, - Jan 7, 30 days.

The game is written, designed, and complete. Unfortunately, imps are dangerous and territorial.

Too Many Requests

You have all contributed hroror making this game the best it can be. What is the point of this? All of the hardcover versions of the game will have limited edition alternate cover art by Park Jong Won, the same artist who is doing the standard softcover cover art don't worry, that art will be a part of the hardcover too!

Remain facing the ceiling.

I would suggest using a sheet to hang over the doorways to represent a door. Close the doors to all of the rooms in your home. Whenever you reach a door to a room, knock on it three times with a three-second interval between each knock.

No thanks Submit canles. Come back to it later.

If you hear any noises from inside the room after knocking, do not open the door; skip the room, but do not forget about it. As we have entered our last 48 hours, I call to you to get the word out about Ten Candles!

They get to see a scary looking demon who will proceed to attack them. Every time the players face a Conflict, they have the opportunity to narrate what comes next.

Candles Spooky 3D chills. In case anyone was curious what a budget of Do NOT proceed if you do not light your candle in time. Posted Dec 31, What happens when doomed survivors try to light up their little corner of the world and do something meaningful within it in the few hours cahdles have left.

Candles - Game - Download -

And do stairs count as a hallway? Do NOT fall asleep. At this level you'll receive 4 softcover copies of Ten Candles for resale or gifts.

Also, in addition to the standard game rules, the hardcover version of the game will include the campaign hack, additional fiction, specialty modules, and any additional stretch goal content as part of the game text.

Reading this scared the fuck out me. Hardcover There have been some questions about the Hardcover version of the game, and what makes it different gane the softcover, so I wanted to write an official update talking about the differences between the two.

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