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If other databases include this type of support, ADS can easily be made to support visual explains for those databases. For Oracle, the default settings should also work from installation. Each operation's details can be viewed and the color of critical operations can be altered to assist in highlighting important bottlenecks and steps in the execution process.

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The issues arise in supporting explain plans for concurrent users. ID - The select identifier.

Before you begin using visual explain you may want to review the default settings according to your database vendor and version. To highlight the critical node, select Color Critical Node.

Visual Explain Plan

The leader node receives the query and parses the SQL. Easily find members by searching in: When enabled, coloring of operation costs mark bottleneck issues. Obtain information about each operation in the access plan, including the total estimated cost and number of rows retrieved cardinality. Possible Keys - The possible indexes to choose. Work Memory - Amount of working visua in bytes assigned to the query step s.

This Execution plan will have more actual query costing information in the explain plan since the query was executed. A list of step labels and their associated function can be found here: Are you sure you want to perform this operation?

You can use the information available from the graph to tune your SQL queries for better performance. Easily find issues by searching: Viaual operation Join, Sort, Index Scan, etc is displayed with statistics about the resources required to perform the task.

Multi-execution plans are supported and executing a script will generate multiple execution plans. The Explain Plan grid has several right click pop-up menu options for viewing the results in different ways and highlighting areas of interest: For detailed information, see the DB2 books that are referenced throughout these sections.

Table - The name of the table to which the row of output refers. The reason for the different configurations for the 3 different databases is because of the different implementations by the database vendor. The TEXT Explain option displays a text sxplain version of the explain plan, with an associated Explain grid underneath it. The content that is displayed is based on what exppain database server returns to Aqua Data Studio.

Rows Pre-filtered - For scans of permanent tables, the total number of rows emitted before filtering rows marked for deletion ghost rows. QueryNo - The number assigned to this query. Visual Explain Plan Whiteboard. Displaying and using an access plan graph.

Visual Explain Plan - Basics

You can use the Control Center to perform database administration tasks. To highlight the critical operation, select Color Critical Operation. Rows - Estimate of the rows to be examined. Producing an access plan graph. Sign in to participate.

Cost does not provide any precise information about actual execution times or ivsual consumption, nor does it provide a meaningful comparison between execution plans.

Each operation's details can be viewed and the color of critical operations can be altered to assist in highlighting important bottlenecks and steps in the execution process.

Improving the access plan.

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