Call of duty mw2 hacks ps3

Ninja pro cold blooded pro sleight of hand pro note: Just do watevr ur good with or comfortable with. The fasted way is to equip the perk called hardline. Semtex or throwing knife 2nd equipment:

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We have no cheats or codes for Call of Duty: Try to put something between you and the target, such as a car. Modern Warfare 2 yet.

How to Use AIMbot on Modern Warfare 2 for PS3: 10 Steps

M4A1 silencer or red dot sight. I used the pave low because its the biggest chopper. If you do it right with the snpier rifle, it should only take 5 shots total and for the M, it should only take 75 shots minimum and shots maximum. Specialist Silver Earn 30 stars in Special Ops. Throwing Knife Special Grenade: Enemy Intel Locations Guide. Semtex and stun grenade Deathstreak: Don't give up if it doesn't work the first time.

Just do watevr ur good with or comfortable with. Here is a great class to use in Demolition, Hardcore, and Search and Destroy or to just plain uacks get a nuke: Direct shots go a longer way and may stop the juggernaut mid-stride but expose yourself to fire. When you unlock the Javelin Rocket Launcher at level 50 in Multiplayer, there is a glitch where your Semtex grenade explodes when you are killedso create a class with your choice of a Primary Weapon, a Javelin Rocket Launcher hack your Secondary Weapon, and a Semtex grenade as your equipment, Marathon as your first Perk, Danger Close as your Second perk, and either Scrambler or Commando as your third Perk, and thats about all of the important stuff you need for the classnow px3 you spawn with that class, press triangle to switch to your Secondary Weapon, the Javelin, and hold R2 for THREE SECONDS, no less, and while still holding R2, press triangle to switch to your Javelin, and then, when you are killed, you will create a massive explosion and almost always haacks someone.

A great assault class for people that are level 4 is a M4A1 and a secondary weapon as a SPAS and as for weapons and perks are are a frag grenade, and a flash grenade.

To get a nuke set up the killstreak harrier strike, Pavelow, and nuke. I prefer the first method first, unless you don't have acsess to a sniper rifle. Sleight of Hand pro Cold-blooded pro Commando pro Deathstreak: Theres a window sweeper cart hanging on the side of the building only one side ahcks on you go sprint. Get a harrier and pavelow killstreak and hide in a corner and if ur harrier strike and pavelow don't get shot down you duhy get a nuke.

Scar-H Grenade Launcher Secondary: If done right jump the fence using the chair sprint over to the transport truck and blow it up with the grenadier switch over to the rpg-7 and blow up the 2 btr80 if done right you will be left with enemy troops to kill remember to use the btr80 as cover. You have good cover opportunities and can set up claymores efficiently. Put in the tar and put gernade louncher with red tiger on it and put the magnumes on with akimbo.

When you're doing the Special Ops missions under Echo. Log In Sign Up. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit CheatCodes. Then go behind the boat and jump in the water and go prone.

Spas or Handgun I recommend caol revolver Equipment: Then go into the room where price was in the boat.

PS3 Cheats

Desperate Times Bronze Execute the plan to help the Americans. Cold Blooded Perk 3: Fortunately for you, they aren't without weaknesses. Keep me logged in on this device.

Primary dhty with red dot sight secondary-thumper x2 equipment-semtex special-flash perk1-scavenger PRO perk2-stopping power pro not needed perk3-ninja or commando pro death streak- anything.

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