Billy joel live at shea stadium

Furthermore, he lost a manager during this time and Family Productions was experiencing legal and financial difficulties, which prevented him from recording an immediate follow-up. When it comes to pointing fingers and being selfish and vindictive, who knows more than a preteen? However, Joel entered a severe bout of depression, culminating with him drinking a bottle of furniture polish in an attempt to end his life. A new venture as a children's author began in with the release of his first book, Goodnight, My Angel: They got together to blow off a little steam, drink some overpriced beer, and sing along to songs they know by heart.

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While still a member of the Echoes, Joel began playing recording sessions inwhen ar was just 16 years old. March 11, View Post. Before the album was finished, he suffered a serious motorcycle accident in the spring of Watch him during Live at Shea Stadium — from the moment the show begins, he looks exhausted; dead behind the eyes, bored with the material.

In the spring ofJoel embarked on a major tour of the U. Stadjum this time, the Echoes started to play numerous late-night shows. On the cover of the stadum eponymous album, both Joel and Small were dressed as barbarians; in an interview on the back of the album, Joel claimed to forget the name of his previous band and stated that he only "sweated" two things -- perfecting his sound and the war in Southeast Asia.

At the end of stadiuum summer, Joel assembled a touring band and undertook a national tour, opening for acts like the J. In January, the court awarded Joel two million dollars in a partial judgment against Frank Weber, and in April, the court dismissed a 30 million dollar countersuit.

Live at Shea Stadium: The Concert

This Is the Time feat. Following his failed suicide attempt, Joel checked himself into Meadowbrook Hospital, where he received psychiatric treatment for depression. On the heels of this live album came word that Joel was penning a memoir, but the book was quickly scrapped after the announcement.

The sessions for Turnstiles were long and filled with tension, culminating with Joel firing the album's original producer, Guercio, and producing the album himself. During and satdium, Joel became one of the first '70s stars to embrace MTV and music videos, shooting a number of clips for the album that were aired frequently on the network.

Songs in the Attic bought Joel some time as he was completing an album he had designed as his bid to be taken seriously as a composer.

He broke his wrist in the accident -- it would take major surgery to repair the wound. The Essential Billy Joel.

In Attila, Joel played his organ through a variety of effects pedals, creating a heavy psychedelic hard rock album completely without guitars. Which brings us to Live at Shea Stadium. bilyl

BORN May 9, Joel's next album would prove to be the make-or-break point for his career, and the resulting album, The Stranger, catapulted him into superstardom. One Day in Your Life: Over the next year and a half, the Hassles released two albums and four singles, all of which failed commercially.

Eventually, he found the Echoes, a group that specialized in British Invasion covers. All of this turmoil didn't prevent the release of his 12th studio album, Storm Front, in the fall of The shows sold out in a record-breaking 45 minutes.

Live at Shea Stadium: The Concert - Billy Joel | Credits | AllMusic

But then again, what do you expect from a release like this? However, Joel entered a severe bout of depression, culminating with him drinking a bottle of furniture polish in an attempt to end his life. Brinkley and Joel were married in the spring of For two years, he played sessions and performed with the Lost Souls.

Joel returned in the summer of with River of Dreams, which entered the charts at number one and spawned the Top Ten title track. Storm Front marked a significant change for Joel -- he fired his band, keeping only Liberty DeVito, and sfadium his relationship with producer Phil Ramone, hiring Mick Jones of Foreigner to produce the album.

Joel fired his longtime manager and former brother-in-law Frank Weber in August ofafter an audit revealed that there were major discrepancies jpel Weber's accounting. Bilky broke the Madison Square Garden record for the longest sequence of sold-out shows by a single artist.


Storm Front was another hit for Joel, reaching number one in the U. Joel returned to playing music insigning a deal with Family Productions.

Live At Shea Stadium:

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