Apache server for windows xp

The Apache web server comes default with three aliases defined, which also show up for each virtual host. The default Typical program features is probably right for your situation, so press Next. Next, create a folder for each customer under the Customer folder. Softonic review If you've ever needed a reliable cross platform server, then you should look no further than the Apache HTTP Server which over the years has become on of the most popular open source servers on the net.

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The Apache web server is available in three different series: Since I don't need other computers on the local network to be able to contact the web server I used localhost. Make sure that you use the full path in your virtual-hosts. I use the same domain name as the real site with lc.

Install Web Server in Windows XP with Apache2, PHP5 and MySQL4 - Part 1 - Tech Journey

In order to test your Apache web server installation, open a browser and servef http: Also some links have to be added to this page, and some additional "troubleshooting" help. More most appropriate for my working station,and all my system that i develop they require the Apache server reviewed on June 29, You might want to set up a special first entry to being able to distinguish between http: A step-by-step tutorial 87 comments.

Step-by-step guide 2 comments. Use for example the name of the company or the name of the customer to name this folder. Unless you prefer to use a different folder for some or all of the software you install, I recommend to use the default setting: The latter can be used to store sites that belong to your company. Instead of "My Company" you might want to use the real name of your company.

Softonic review If you've ever needed a reliable cross platform server, then you should look no further than the Apache HTTP Server which over the years has become on of the most popular open source servers on the net. No thanks Submit review.

Download Apache for Windows XP - Best Software & Apps

Click on finish fir if all went smoothly you will be able to see the "Apache monitor" application iconified in the left section of the taskbar near the clock. If the Apache web server can't be started after a change to a configuration file, open a command prompt you don't need Administrator rightschange the working directory to the Apache bin directory, and run apache.

However, most of the time switching to an account with Administrator rights is more convenient. Please check out my my Amazon wish list.

Download Apache for Windows XP - Best Software & Apps

Server2Go Run a web server without any installation. Since sercer default configuration of the Apache HTTP web server makes the manual available via an alias see also end of this article. If you don't get the test page it might be that the Apache web server was not able to start for some reason, check the error. Make sure to check the access and error logs of each virtual host.

Here is what you should see since the fresh install just installs some default placeholder web pages:.

Note that if you decide to move the folder to a different location that the path shouldn't have windws spaces in it otherwise according to section "Manual Installation Steps" of the installation. In the above case I made on purpose a spelling mistake in the virtual-hosts. If you get a " Internal Server Error" when you enter http: First of all locate the best mirror to download Apache from. I am working on an explanation on how to do this, for now read the instructions on the Apache HTTP server download page.

It is important to understand some part of the Apache HTTP server folder structure, or where is what located. If you are logged in with Administrator rights the easiest way to do this is by using the Apache monitor which is started when you log in and available via the system tray.

You might want to move the short cut to the Startup folder of a user with Administrator rights. Apache Server is one of the most successful cross platform open source servers on the net - invest the time in learning how to configure it and you won't be disappointed.

In the "Run as" dialog window switch to "The following user" and select a user with Administrator rights from the drop down menu and enter the password for the selected user.

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