Cnc turning simulation

Let us add the points now. They all go to the end point of the workspace. Let's drill a hole in the workpiece. Do not select a material as the default Aluminum material will be used.

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Close the parameters by clicking OK and look at the result. The simulation system also includes a simple G-code editor for making modifications before the program is sent to the CNC. Now open the parameters for the new layer and select tool number 27 make sure to check the " Use Embedded tool" checkbox.

We're Here to Help. Click on OK to close the Inventory Browser.

Click on the SimCam tab to view the SimCam window. Add another point at X26 Z Turming the bottom of the layers panel, click on the gear button and select Facing.

Click on the gear button at the bottom of the layers panel and select " Finishing" from the popup menu.

Save the drawing and simulate again to check what we have done so far. Add a Threading layer to the document. Always remember to set the toolside correctly on all contours.

Now, let's start cutting! Continue by clicking at the following coordinates: This gives us a millimeter of overcut. Move the mouse straight to the left to Z80 and click.

Tutorial for Turning

Don't worry, it is normal. Before, after or during simulation, click on the little knife button at the bottom of the simulation screen and check the " Show inside " checkbox. Make sure the contour layer is enabled.

Now we are going to add a roughing layer and draw a contour for the shape of the final workpiece. This is automatically handled by the CNCSimulator so that we do not have to draw two of each tool. As you can see, the cuts do not stop at the contour. This is because we need the contour on this layer as well. Open the parameters for the layer and select the embedded tool number Then click on the Drilling tab and enter 70 for " Drill to Z ". Now we will create a workpiece to use in the tutorial.

We siimulation cuts created, but something is not as it should! Tools in the browser are drawn with the insert at the top.

Have questions about automation? If you click the information button on the layer, you will see that SimCam is missing two points on the layer to define the workspace. Manual machine functions like jog, hand-wheel and reference cycles also work exactly like a real machine.

Fanuc CNC Machine Simulation and 3D CNC Verification with Predator Virtual CNC software

At the bottom of the layers panel, click the leftmost button refresh to create the CNC code from the drawing. Move the mouse to X0 Z98 and click for simulatioh start point. Now we will add a facing operation. This is how your drawing should look like, please notice the automatically created ghost line that helps you see the contour as a drawing part.

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