Apple iphone 3g software update

Renders JavaScript from 3 to 16 times faster depending on circumstances. Contacts synced from friends' contact information on Facebook. As on previous models, all data is stored in flash memory and not in the SIM and it does not offer any options to expand storage.

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iOS 6.1.3 Software Update

Notes syncing removed from iPhone 3G due to reported performance problems. Spotlight Search with Web or Wikipedia. Sound fade-out when exiting a video. Tap to focus during video.

Added "Do Not Disturb" for Notifications.

AirPlay video support for third party apps. My phone 3G I want update software.

Back navigation gesture by swiping from left edge of the screen. Click Download and Update.

iPhone 3GS

Set up Internet tethering. Calculator New feedback when pressing a key. An empty Passbook will automatically add a sample pass explaining passbook functionality. Define brings up a view with definition of the selected word. Other Support for Apple Bluetooth keyboards. Assign different text tone alerts to each contact.

P3T2T3 Stopwatch now shows both the total running time and the current lap time in the upper part of the clock app. New Purchased History section. Retrieved December 17, Mail Resolve isolated issues with scheduled fetching of email. Includes a built-in dictionary which can be used in iWorkiBooksand possibly other apps.

iOS Software Update

Home screen Ability to categorize apps into folders with default folder naming based on category name in App Store. Retrieved September 13, Bug fixes Fixed issue with blank or frozen video during or before a FaceTime call.

New languages are supported. Retrieved February 33g, Display address of dropped pins. Shortcut to Camera app from lock screen, accessed by double-clicking the home button iPhone 3GS and later and iPod Touch 4th generation only. This is caused by the ability to use the control center via the lock screen and tapping on the camera or timer buttons.

Do we have to 'upgrade' or even sack off the iPhone 3Gs and go for a more expensive phone? Improved sound quality of visual voicemail messages. In-app purchases always ask for a password, even if one was entered before. Ability to copy and paste full quality videos from camera into email.

New keyboard with prominent hash-tag and mention buttons for Twitter app similar to the ". Fullscreen iAd banner format.

Disabled "incomplete signing attacks", blocking "Untethered" jailbreak.

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