Belkin n150 cd setup

From there, select Wi-Fi to see the list of available networks. This may take a few minutes to complete. If Belkin Setup is not able to communicate with your Router during the installation process, please check the following items.

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Using a computer attached to the Router via a network cable, visit http: Kindly update this page as per your internet configuration. Belkin will repair or replace, at its option, any defective product free of charge except for shipping charges for the product.

Error (Forbidden)

The Router is starting up. Where you purchased the product.

If asked, enter your network password network key. There may be firewall software on your computer preventing an outgoing connection.

If you know what sort of Internet service you have, you might try a manual setup. December 31, at 4: The connection is from a broadband satellite to a modem to a hub then to the router.

For all those who tried above method but failed mee too. The Router is not plugged into a power source. Contact Belkin International, Inc.

Your Router has successfully been restored to its factory settings. If your older computers cannot connect to your network, try bit WEP. Both were used belkon trouble until now. Find the setup program and open it. My router is connected. May 7, at 6: My net is completely stable, all wires are intact, the modem is brand new.

Process of setting up router helps me in setting wireless router setup. May 28, at You may need to enter a username and password provided by your ISP. The part number of the Belkin product. Then reapply power xetup the modem.

F9KV4 N Wireless N Router User Manual K7SF9KV4 Belkin International, Inc.

I have to go to dns and have there it goes! Once you configure router, you can remove the cable and access wireless internet.

If you are configuring the Router over a wireless connection, you will have to re-connect to the Router after changing any security settings. June 15, at 9: June 4, at The Router is listening for a WPSenabled computer beelkin other device. Right-click on the icon that looks like signal strength bars.

F9K1001V4 N150 Wireless N Router User Manual K7SF9K1001V4 Belkin International, Inc.

This button is used to restart your Router in rare cases when it functions incorrectly. A connection was not created. This will cause the Router to try to reestablish communication with the modem.

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