Gundam paper model

Do you love papercraft? Hide's design is almost like the original Gundam in anime while Aran brings us a sexier RX Gundam with smaller feet and thinner body. I made these models 5 yea

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One thing about the template is that Aran didn't mark the color of every page in his template. If you want the Impulse to hold a sword, you have to modify it yourself.

Surprisingly Haris printed and build it by not following the original paper size, he printed on A6 size, half size of the original one A4. But because in this blog I want to share the Juancho Aran's model, I will show you more about his design.

If you want to make any models below, just download the The Gundam is divided into 9 parts: This is the last of 5 parts, with this weapon kit papwr Gundam is complete. You can use the original assembly instructions that also found on this website. Long time no see.

The weapons are not as complicated as they are seen. I haven't written any blog recently, so I want to start writing now.

[Free Template] RX 78-2 Gundam Papercraft from Juancho Aran

When I work on Jaeger model I thought there is still one model which doesn't have its next part for so long, some people also expressed their needs for the next part on PR Facebook page. How are you today? They all should be faster to prepare, because there are no more moveable parts.

The template will take you 37 pages in total.

[Free Template] RX Gundam Papercraft from Juancho Aran - Brian Papercraft

Do you love papercraft? Model on the picture was build by Haris Rakhman Hidayat from Malang. Wall-e and Eve Papercraft. Having co-founded two small graphic design companies he now fully works as a papercraft artist and an online publisher. You can download the templates at below, I already upload them part by part. You can find the Color guide and some instructions on the lower right corner. The model which Tosanaji shared is quite a simple but papeer with the sense of detail in it.

For all Mazinger fans. Assembly instruction is in PDO file. This template contains of 6 pages of patterns for both Sword Impulse Gundam arms. Newer Post Older Post Home. Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I love them both.

The normal mode also shorter than destroy mode. Paper gundsm is his hobby since he was a kid back in Are you a fan of Mazinger series? Many have asked me what happen with the other mecha project, the jaegers. Have fun and enjoy!

He shares with us his new paper craft template, Unicorn Gundam normal mode. Powered By T3 Framework. Barbatos Lupus Rex Gundam papercraft Designer:

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