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So, when someone gets confused, it started from the head. He is the first prophet to pray for immediate rain from one source. When you do these, you start to move from story to glory. That is why the passage Inability to finish

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In the head, we have the — brain — eyes for sight — ear for hearing — mouth for talking and eating — nose to smell.

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Live a holy life. This is a year and mark my words, all those who are investing in corruption, wealth, money and accumulating things by mesages, it will yield them multiple sorrow this year. Preaching to Youth Fresh sermon ideas for youth or youth services. Never surrender to discouragement 5. Prayers For Breakthrough 4. They may not even need the opening of the door but just open it for others to come in.

Arise, revive my life, in the name of Jesus.

God is the owner of the gospel. This is a year of disgrace of popular international serpents and scorpions. A year of mysterious uncommon blessings for givers.

Surrender nessages life to Jesus Christ 3. This is a year that will favour the givers. You must be a master of your emotions.

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This is not to say that television is bad, but there is the on button and the off button. Repent olukoy all known sins and ask God for forgiveness through the blood of Jesus. Wasted minutes would amount to wasted years klukoya wasted hours should amount to a wasted life. You can either receive grace or reject it. Serious prayers are needed to avoid what is known as unprecedented convulsion of the earth By convulsion, we mean manifestation through earthquake, volcanoes, tsunamis, extreme weather, terrible winds Problems of many years, I am not your candidate, die, in the name of Jesus.

Environmental witchcraft, my habitation is not your dwelling place, therefore, scatter, in the name of Jesus.

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Do them so well that your work will speak for you in the place. God created many mysterious creatures: Witchcraft If you want to grow in grace this year, you must not feed on entertainment. The marriage institution was created by God.

So, he decided to go and find out from the prophet what was wrong. This message is for those who are tired of frustration and those who olukkoya tired of watching unbelievers collecting what they are supposed to get. Blood is a liquid life and as long as the Bible is concerned, it has biological and spiritual qualities. You must decide that you must be a power generator.

There are programmes that have to do with the word of God in the television. Entertainment There are six Idols in Television. This is a year that will witness the release of angels of abundant harvest.

Evil can be transferred by contact You need to be careful on: Powers, working against my next level, die, in the messahes of Jesus. A spiritual sanitation has to be effected.

O God arise, this year, let the world know that you are my God, in the name of Jesus. This site uses cookies.

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