Custom key dota

These keys are the assigment for saved camera positions. When holding CTRL, cycles in reverse order. The quickcast ability will trigger when the key is pressed down, instead of when released up.

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It is possible though, to bind different hotkeys to heroes, couriers and other units by turning "Unit Specific Hotkeys" on. Purchases the next item in the Quickbuy if the player can afford it.

It seems it is only the ability hotkeys you cannot override. The chat wheel custim this phrases are displayed in the ingame chat upon using. The exceptions usually have a set purpose in the game and thus are un-rebindable.

This site is a part of Curse, Inc. So you basically cannot really bind any common keys. The player can change the hotkeys at any time, even during a match.

The chat phrases menu allows doota to bind certain set phrases to hotkeys. Item hotkeys are shared by all units under the player's control and cannot be set for each hero individually.


Causes the shop hotkeys to activate. Uses the currently equipped Action item.

These keys are the assigment for unit groups. Uses the currently equipped Taunt item. A talent can then be leveled by pressing 1 or 2 for left or right talentor by clicking on the keyy.

Customkeys config.dota for DotA 6.88

Invoked spells Additional hotkey modifier: By default, the ability hotkeys apply to every unit the player controls. I recommend that you also read Extension Script Read Me before using the script. That sounds like a really annoying issue indeed. Might aswell not use the feature for now at all Dota 1 style hotkeys; with different ability hotkeys for every hero and unit. By default, the game uses the "Arrow Default " hotkey layout.

The script icon should now be visible in the taskbar. Transfers all items from the stash to the hero when close enough.

Only shortcuts available in the dropdown are supported. Pauses the current game for the viewer only If it is a live game, the game continues. Several hotkeys have a set purpose, which cannot be changed.

How do I set custom inventory keys in WC3 Dota? : DotA2

Press a button on your keyboard or select a hotkey in the dropdown. When Open Mic is activated, this will also work in the dashboard. Activates the Glyph of Fortification to make the team's structures invulnerable for dustom seconds. By default, none of the phrases are bound to any key.

These stat windows are all sortable after the following things:. They still don't override the default dota hotkeys as per the patchnotes but keybindings should now be usuable in general custom games.

The quickcast ability will trigger when the key is pressed down, instead of when released up. Press this button once.

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