Accused lisa scottoline

And the way she treated her fiance, Tony, was totally selfish! Jul 30, Kris - My Novelesque Life rated it really liked it. See 2 questions about Accused…. She also finds evidence that someone paid the supposed killer to go to prison in exchange for money to pay for his mother's cancer treatments. The new client is a year-old genius; however, she does not understand the simplest terminology the term retainer - something a genius should definitely understand especially if she has been interviewing several law firms.

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Jun 28, Cheryl rated it did not like it. Allegra is committed accusde a psychiatric hospital because of her OCD, and Anthony's mother would be honored is Mary would wear her wedding dress when she marries her son. But, then again, maybe scottolins. How can she justify this potentially free case when she has just been named partner in the firm and how can she handle her engagement and the excitement that everyone feels, except her.

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Accused: A Rosato & Associates Novel

It's been scottolinw while since I picked up a book by Lisa Scottoline. Allegra's family is ready to have an restraining order placed on Mary and anyone that works for the firm. Apr 15, Sandy rated it liked it Shelves: She may even want to try out a few prepositions to connect her sentences.

There was no change about midway so I then found myself again skipping ahead chapters to make the book read faster. A dud that seemed closer to YA than a mystery or thriller. As I was listening I had my own suspects but the end was very unexpected!

The entire staff is a sottoline surprised and baffled at the accusations that Allegra is making. Oct 29, Luanne Ollivier rated it liked it. Yet there is something that does not feel right and for once it is not the chaos of being in sxottoline a large family nor, her law practice per se just the case she just took on from a thirteen year-old girl who wants to free the murderer of her sister, scotoline coincidentally pleaded guilty.

The author really tries too hard with the Italian parents schtick which llisa almost immediately pretty annoying. Lisa Scottoline is the master of creating a scenario of suspense, drawing a reader in, and taking them on a journey of mystery. This story revolves around Mary as a lead character, now a partner, whose firm has received a request from a year old Allegra Gardner to reopen the murder case of scottooline sister Fiona who was murdered 6 years ago.

Lisa has over 30 million copies of her books in print and is published in over 35 countries. I'd say it's an ok acused, maybe not the best, but ok. The first in this series is Accused and Mary has just been promoted to partner.

I was a big fan of her legal series featuring Bennie Rosato and her firm in the past, but hadn't picked up one of her titles lately. From ponderous Grisham and Sycamore Row to legal lite Accused by Scottoline, I think I am done with the legal profession for a little while. She's just acchsed promoted to partner at her firm and her boyfriend has just proposed to her. Refresh and try again. I am not sure that I will be there for the next one, but to say I did not enjoy this would be an error.

Detailed Review Summary of Accused by Lisa Scottoline

I was so happy when the author brought back these characters. The characters are always ones you can relate to and wish they were your friends and family, most of the time.

Even though this story had mixed reviews, I listened anyway and found it enjoyable overall.

Maybe it was too much of Mary's life, I was intrigued abou the case and I had to read a lot about Mary going around and then find out a little something more about the case. I am not sure how Mary got to be a partner as she doesn't seem to know the law, has difficulties making decisions, and acts like an immature first year associate rather than an established attorney.

Can Mary prove to her friends that Allegra isn't crazy and that her family are hiding something? Liked it, but it could have been better.

While usually a case or two dominate the story, the lives of the principals — Bennie, Judy, and especially Mary — tend to create much of the interest for the reader. I thought it was just a tiny bit drawn out, though, and did not find the conclusion surprising. We have so many Tony's that you can't keep track and they are a huge distraction. This was the first time I ever listened to a book so I did not have anything to compare it with.

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