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Gladiators and Acrobats were the gods of 1v1, Elementalists were the gods of Team play. It will launch with the Ice Dragon Nest update. I wonder how hard it is to level up now.

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Cleric's skill trees and descriptions please by SkitzoRoy Don't give up hope yet! Last edited by Account ; Originally posted by Astraous View Post. Can't drafon them for anything it is all legal.

Halloween bingo event bug.

Dragon Nest - Update

Hi, I just found out about the account transfer from Nexon to EyeDentity from my family member. So all this complaining is probably not gonna solve anything and it dragln furthers the disappointment that I have gained for Nexon.

Forums NA Forums us. Games submitted 2 years ago by sjh Why egg for compensation?

Ever since the last maintenance, my dragon nest launcher keeps ja an error, preventing me from playing. I would greatly appreciate it! They did this to us with DFO and now this game.

Nexon gave people a chance to transfer their characters over, and many DID do that, so they can't really be sued after the fact. Forum Suggestions Suggest your forum ideas here. They essentially just stole money from people.

Basically I gave them money, they gave me the item, rdagon took it back with no warning or refund. Okay so I havent played DN in months.

Adept build for pvp? LastTry sucht aktive Mitglieder by Dimetros Then again, what can I expect from Nexon? If you have netcode made in a country where no one really gets higher than 50 ping at worse barring crazy technical problems, you don't ever really have to design netcode around poor situations.

Submissions should be for the purpose of informing or initiating a discussion, not just with the goal of entertaining viewers. I never noticed any huge lag, but I never played much PvP anyways.

Buffs to the 4 base Sorceresses happened a while back, but I never got around to updating my guide with the changes. Overall this is just a really bad way to go about things and I wouldnt be surprised if Nexon gets sued for this. Cash Shop Suggestions Got some shop ideas drxgon want to share with us?

Dragon Nest NA operator takes over SEA branch

Silver hunter Tutorial Translation by Holyroses Please report posts containing spoilers unless they are hidden using the following method or are inside a thread clearly labeled ja containing spoilers. I guess only time will tell. Why only transfer some accounts rather than all data servers?

There's other games out there so no need to cry over this. Dragon Nest Forum Policy by Dean New to the class by NinnjaStar ,

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